Al-Nusra threatens to kill Turkish troops entering Idlib

Al-Nusra threatens to kill Turkish troops entering Idlib
The Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) warned that its forces will kill any Turkish soldier who dares to cross the border into Syria’s Idlib province.

Al-Mayadeen news website quoted an Al-Nusra field commander as saying that the group will use artillery fire to fight against any attack on the heights along the Syrian-Turkish borders near Bab al-Hawa passageway in Northern Idlib.

The commander warned that “no Turkish soldiers will leave the region alive if they dare to enter Idlib”.

Meantime, Abu Zubair al-Shami, a military commander of al-Nusra, said that the group has strengthened and equipped its forces in the bordering areas to confront any possible attack by the US-backed groups.

A leading Turkish daily revealed few weeks ago Ankara’s plan to deploy its military forces in Idlib province.

Yeni Safak newspaper referred to Turkey’s plan to enter Idlib from three main points, and claimed that the measure will be adopted to protect the region and prevent the Kurdish forces’ advances towards the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the report, Turkey is now ready to implement its plan and seeks to take the control of a region in the Northern parts of Idlib 85 km in length and 35 km in depth.

Also, according to the news websites affiliated to the opposition groups, Turkey will most possibly enter Idlib through the two regions of Atmeh to the town of Dar al-Izzah and Jabal Barakat in Western Aleppo or through Salqin and Harem regions.

The report added that in addition to the Turkish military vehicles which have been sent from Atmeh to Idlib, 30 other vehicles have also entered the province through Bab al-Salamah.

Yeni Safak also reported that 1,500 to 2,000 Free Syrian Army (FSA) members have been trained and are prepared to start operation in Idlib.