Egypt to help Libyan military rebuild as civil war dies down

Egypt to help Libyan military rebuild as civil war dies down

Egypt has announced that they will be assisting in rebuilding and reorganizing the Libyan National Army on the model of the Egyptian military as the ongoing civil war reaches its final stages.

Libyan National Army leaders traveled to Cairo to meet with the Egyptian Chief of Staff Mahmoud Hijazi, one of Egypt’s top military officials. According to Egyptian army spokesman Tamer Al-Rifai, “the members of the [Libyan National Army] chose Egypt to be the starting point for the reorganization of the Libyan army, in the framework of Egyptian efforts to end the state of division and unify the Libyan army.”

“The Libyan military delegation discussed with the Egyptian committee all stages of the crisis faced by the military institution in Libya throughout the past seven years,” al-Rifai went on to say, referring to the civil war that began in 2011 when a NATO-backed coalition overthrew Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, sending the country spiraling into chaos.

The Libyan National Army delegation stated that they were committed “to establish a modern, democratic and civil state based on the principles of peaceful transfer of power, consensus and acceptance of the other as well as the rejection of all forms of marginalization and exclusion of any of the Libyan parties.”

Egypt and Libya would “form joint technical committees to discuss the mechanisms of unifying the military institution in Libya and to study all the matters that could support this,” with additional meetings in Cairo planned to work out the kinks.