Iraqi supreme court approved manual election recount

Iraqi supreme court approved manual election recount

Iraq’s supreme court has upheld a law mandating a nationwide manual recount of all ballots from last month’s parliamentary elections.

Press TV reported that the Supreme Federal Court on Thursday confirmed the recount process, which was opposed by some parties who made significant gains in the election.

The court ruling concerned a law passed by Parliament that mandated a full, manual recount of the vote. Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud said the legislation was broadly constitutional and endorsed the order to replace the Independent Elections Commission with a panel of nine judges to supervise the recount.

“The Supreme Federal Court finds that parliament’s decision was to organize the electoral process and restore voter confidence in the electoral process; it was within parliament’s constitutional rights and does not contradict the constitution,” said Mahmoud.

Mahmoud stated that all of the roughly 11 million ballots, including those of voters living abroad, displaced persons and security forces, must be recounted.