Israel removes metal detectors from Al Aqsa

Israel removes metal detectors from Al Aqsa

Israel removed metal detectors from a highly sensitive Jerusalem holy site before dawn on Tuesday and said they would no longer be used after their installation triggered deadly violence.

The move came in the face of intensive international diplomacy seeking to stop wider Palestinian unrest, with Israel saying it would introduce subtler security measures instead to secure the site following a fatal attack.

Muslim officials remained undecided on Tuesday morning as to whether to accept Israel’s move and end their halt to prayers at the Haram al-Sharif mosque compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount.

A work crew removed the metal detectors from one entrance to the compound in the early hours, and cameras installed on overhead bridges in recent days were also gone, an AFP correspondent reported.

A few dozen Israeli security personnel stood quietly around the entrance, outside which Muslims have prayed for days in protest of the metal detectors.

Israel’s security cabinet took the decision to remove the detectors early on Tuesday.

They decided “to change the inspection with metal detectors to a security inspection based on advanced technologies and other means,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said.