Russia, Turkey, Iran adopt joint declaration on Syria

Russia, Turkey, Iran adopt joint declaration on Syria

The presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey have adopted a joint declaration on their countries’ cooperation in resolving the Syria crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on Wednesday after the trilateral summit.

“The document defines priorities for further cooperation of Russia, Turkey and Iran, which have the upper hand in Syrian issues, and sets concrete tasks for the future,” Putin said.

​”We have just completed with President of Iran Mr. Rouhani and President of Turkey Mr. Erdogan quite substantive talks on Syria, which were held in a constructive and businesslike manner,” the head of the Russian state said, commenting on the results of the summit.

As Putin stressed, “We are united in the intention to promote the interaction of the three countries within the Astana format, which has already proven its efficiency and helped reduce considerably the level of violence in Syria and create conditions for the return of refugees and internally displaced persons.”.

Russia, Iran and Turkey will conduct work on a date and composition of a future Syrian National Dialog Congress in Sochi, he went on.

“The point we have reached is important, but not enough,” Erdogan told the gathering, also attended by military commanders and foreign ministers from the three countries.

“It is critical for all parties to contribute to a permanent and acceptable political solution for the people of Syria,” he said. “This summit is aimed at results, I believe critical decisions will be taken.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran along with Russia and Turkey supported an upcoming meeting between Syrian sides in Sochi to discuss future of Syria.

Rouhani, speaking after a summit hosted by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, said Syrian people would soon return to their country, adding that the cooperation between Iran, Turkey and Russia had reduced tension in the country.