Syrian Army starts offensive against ISIS in Eastern Homs

Syrian Army starts offensive against ISIS in Eastern Homs
The Syrian army launched a large-scale offensive to liberate Eastern Homs after fortifying its positions in areas surrounding ISIS’ most important bastion in the province.

A field commander pointed to the control of the Syrian troops on the most important regions in the areas surrounding al-Sukhna city and purging the city of terrorists, and said that the Syrian army has started its military operation against the ISIS in al-Sukhna.

The commander also reiterated that ISIS defense lines have collapsed, and added that ISIS leaders transferred their families from al-Sukhna to the city of al-Mayadeen in Deir Ezzur province yesterday.

Meantime, the Syrian army’s artillery and missile units as well as the country’s air force heavily pounded ISIS positions in the city.

In a relevant development earlier on Thursday, the Syrian army continued its military operations deep inside Badiyeh (desert) region in Eastern Homs and took control of several new areas.

The Syrian army intensified its clashes with ISIS terrorists in al-Heil gas field-al-Sukhna road and took control of several areas overlooking Jabal (mount) al-Rabiat which is 11 kilometers Southwest of al-Sukhna city.

This is while the Syrian army troops are now less than nine kilometers away from al-Sukhna from the Eastern direction of al-Heil.

Also, the Syrian army also further continued its advances in Eastern Homs and took control of Sabqa al-Mala West of al-Baqliya after taking full control of al-Baqliya village North of Homs-Palmyra road.

The Syrian army backed up by the country’s air force continued its advances against ISIS deep into Badiyeh (desert) region in Eastern Homs, taking control over more strategic areas in the region that is seen as the gate to Deir Ezzur.