Thousands attend anti-corruption protest against Israeli PM

Thousands attend anti-corruption protest against Israeli PM
Thousands of Israelis once again took to the streets of Tel Aviv to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over a series of corruption scandals.

The demonstrators also chanted slogans such as “Shame,” “Bribe, bribe, bribe,” “Corporate power, organized crime,” “The most important thing is not to be afraid,” “The people demand social justice,” “We won’t give up,” “We are obliged [to rally every week]”and “Bibi Netanyahu to the Ma’asiyahu prison”, World News reported.

“This is a struggle that is persisting, Saturday after Saturday,” ldad Yaniv, protest organizer, stressed.

In addition to Tel Aviv, the cities of Haifa, Afula and Petah Tikva witnessed similar anti-corruption demonstrations on Saturday.

As pressure on Israeli PM grows over allegations of corruption, the family’s public image was also dealt a blow after a report aired by Israeli television, which included a recording of a 2015 conversation that three young men, with powerful parents or connections, had had after a night at a strip club.

They were Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister, Nir Maimon, the son of natural gas tycoon Kobi Maimon, and Roman Abramov, an employee of Australian gambling tycoon James Packer, who has been accused in Israeli media of getting the well-paid job without having the relevant experience.