Zakharchenko: We are not fighting with Ukrainians, but with Banderites

Zakharchenko: We are not fighting with Ukrainians, but with Banderites

The Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic commented on the propaganda attacks of Kiev about the allegedly preparing shellings of Mariupol during the football matches there.

“We know that the Kiev regime and the media that serve it are trying to mold an image of all but cannibals from the Donbass militiamen. I would say that they judge everything by themselves. I want to remind you that we are not shelling Ukrainian cities, but the AFU and punitive battalions are shelling ours. It’s not in Ukraine that children die from mortar rounds and shells, but in our country.


Our position is unchanged. We are at war not with the people of Ukraine, but with the Bandera Kiev regime and those armed forces that, by order of the regime, carry out aggression against the people of Donbass. And moreover, we do not fight with those who participate in peaceful activities – sports, cultural or educational and others. So I can report that, given the latest dirty information campaign against us, I already gave the order to completely stop the fire on the southern front, that is, where Mariupol is located. And do not succumb to provocations,” said Alexander Zakharchenko.


We recall that on August 19-20 Mariupol will hold matches of next round of the Ukrainian football championship, including junior matches. A number of Ukrainian media have already published ‘information’ that the Donbass Armed Forces can fire at a football stadium during matches.

Source: Donbass News Agency